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[sticky post] Ohay There! (You People Who Stumble on My LJ)

Oy vey. STOP if yer looking for fic

This, dudes and dudettes, be my random LJ rant page. So if yer looking for fics, please go to:


Thank you. Happy Chanyeolla wishes you a happy good day! ^^


why is it always too late?

i'm so sad right now. i've been away from LJ for a couple of days and just learned that t_hikari-san just passed away yesterday. this is so devastating. and cancer. oh god. this is like my hs days all over again. why so many people died young?

even if we only have (had, oh this is so sad) our moments through LJ and tumblr briefly, i will always remember the cute and adorable Hikari-san someone with her ocean like passion to everything she loved dearly. she's one of the sweetest person on the net. not even once did she scorned anyone for having an opposite opinion to her. i will always remember her clear headedness in time where fandom was crazy and unbearable. most importantly, as someone who's new in the fandom, she's given me an exemplary attitude of how being a fangirl could bring a positive impact to many people's life.

and to think that she's suffering from the illness yet never made the fact known, it's just so brave. it is indeed always nice to be nice.

i will always regret is the fact that i haven't replied her comment in my last post. i'm sorry

Hikari-san, thank you. thank you for existing in this world. thank you for everything
Hmm. The plot is getting thicker.

Is someone breaching a contract? So glad I only have my stanning card for Yunho (and to some extend, Changmin)

this is srsly pissing me off

One, quantity does not always reflect quality. Twilight and fifty shades of grey are hella popular, but no one with a good taste of reading would deem those two as quality book. Your number of followers in tumblr/lj/twitter does not necessarily mean that your work is super hella awesome or super good. Keep your ego checked and beware of those so called fans who would praise your works like crazy because hey, they probably keep a blind eye on your work’s quality and only spazz like crazy just because it’s you who write them fics.

If someone is kind enough (or brash enough) to say critical things about your fic, be a good sport and LISTEN to those concrits. Yes, some people might be haters but that don’t mean there aren’t people who’s throwing a good point on their critics. See through the hurt and LISTEN.

Two, writing dub-con and trigger warning materials should be treated more carefully. This is a serious issue. Rape is never okay, and rape is more than a plot mover to keep your OTP together. Dubious consent has the ‘dubious’ part written for a reason. Don’t glossed the issue or glamourizing it as a simply ‘possessive streak’ coming from your beloved a protagonist.

Now, I know how everyone is crazy with the idea of a bad boy being tamed by the love coming from his true love who’s somehow keeps on being abused and manipulated by his so called ‘possessive streak’.


There’s sweet possessiveness and there’s the depiction of abuse and unhealthy relationship. This is a fine line one should tread gently.


You don’t want to perpetuate the idea that ‘rape’ or ‘possessive abusive behavior’ is going to make things okay in the end. No, you don’t.

Three. Stop acting like a victim and keep your whining in a minimum. Stop that whining and comment baiting so your follower can go and stroke your ego with their choruses of ‘oooh senpai y u so sad, they are haters, we love you senpai.’

Keep. Your. Ego. Checked.

Get over it.



Changmin bb, I take it back. Your hair grows on me. ILU

And of course,

What is sleep? What is air?

(but srsly, I hope you don't break your back Yunho-yah. I mean 30 times O_o That's why ILU bb)


Srsly, what did you do Minnie?

I can't sleep.

So I went to Changmin's tag in tumblr

And I was like,

I'm joking bb. ILU. Your new hair is fab, and I'm sure you'll pull it off. But for now let me just weep for the glory of your sexy 'Still' hair. Like srsly, you're the sexiest when styled like that so please embrace your inner diva and awakened sexuality okay?


Everything is Federer and Nothing Hurts

Il Ritorno Del Re

Classy bastard with flawless hair. I'm rooting for you all this time and it all paid off.